The aim of these pages is to compile information about punk vinyl (mostly in the 7″ format) in the years from 1976 to around 1983 — about the time speed took over from inventiveness as the number one priority for making punk rock music. Individual band pages will include ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ releases in chronological order, where possible. Pages for labels will attempt to describe releases. This is not a marketplace and no items are for sale, rather the pages here are meant for research and reading, and some listening…

Punk Rock in California


  • Alley Cats (Los Angeles)
  • Agent Orange (Fullerton)
  • Avengers (San Francisco)
  • Bags (Los Angeles)
  • The Cheifs (Huntington Beach)
  • Controllers (Los Angeles)
  • Crime (San Francisco)
  • The Deadbeats (Los Angeles)
  • The Dils (Carlsbad)
  • Eyes (Los Angeles)
  • Flesh Eaters (La Puente)
  • Flyboys (Arcadia)
  • F-Word (Los Angeles)
  • The Germs (Los Angeles)
  • The Go-Go’s (Los Angeles)
  • Kaos (Los Angeles)
  • The Middle Class (Santa Ana)
  • The Nuns (San Francisco)
  • The Plugz (Los Angeles)
  • The Screamers (Los Angeles)
  • The Skulls (Los Angeles)
  • The Weirdos (Los Angeles)
  • X (Los Angeles)
  • The Zeros (Chula Vista)


  • 415 Records (San Francisco)
  • Bomp! (Los Angeles)
  • Dangerhouse Records (Los Angeles)
  • Posh Boy (Hollywood)
  • Radio Active Records (San Diego)
  • Slash Records (Los Angeles)
  • Subterranean Records (San Francisco)
  • What Records? (Los Angeles)