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The Dils

Once labelled as “California’s The Clash”, The Dils were part of the very first wave of the L.A. punk scene. They formed in Carlsbad in San Diego County before moving first to San Francisco – where bassist Tony Kinman was briefly in The Avengers – then to L.A.

In 1977 What? Records released their debut 7″ I Hate The Rich / You’re Not Blank. Their second release was their critical high-point, issued in 1977 on the Dangerhouse label, in a pressing of 1500 copies, entitled 198 Seconds Of The Dils. The last contemporary release was a three-sided double-7″, Made In Canada. The Dils broke up in 1980.

A. Official Releases (7″ vinyl)

1. The Dils ‎– I Hate The Rich / You’re Not Blank
Label: What Records?
Catalog Number: WHAT 02
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Released: September 1977

Notes: First pressing released with a unique sleeve, known as the “Oils” sleeve, as the band name appears to be “THE OILS”, due to the font used in the logo.

A ‎– I Hate The Rich
B ‎– You’re Not Blank (So Baby We’re Through)

2. The Dils ‎– 198 Seconds Of The Dils
Label: Dangerhouse
Catalog Number: SLA-268
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Released: December 1977

Notes: Recorded in Los Angeles in the Fall of 1977. Reissued in 2016 and included in the Dangerhouse box set.

A ‎– Class War
B ‎– Mr. Big

3. The Dils ‎– Made In Canada
Label: Rogelletti Records
Catalog Number: RR 001
Format: Vinyl, 2×7″, 45 RPM, EP
Released: 1980

Notes: Recorded November 1979 at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Side D has a groove but no music on it.

A ‎– Sound Of The Rain
B ‎– Not Worth It
C ‎– Red Rockers
D ‎– [untitled]

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